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Relevant life insurance

Every day we speak to business owners from across the UK who are completely unaware of the favourable tax treatment which applies to Relevant Life Insurance. The folks at HMRC are happy for Relevant Life Insurance to be treated as an allowable business expense, and as such, you could save up to 49% on your…
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Why is life insurance so important

Why Life Insurance Is So Important None of us wants to think about not being around for our family anymore, but it is something that we should give a little consideration to. Of course no one wants to be thinking about death every single day but that doesn’t mean that it is something that we…
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What is key man insurance

What Is Key Man Insurance? Key man insurance might not be a phrase that you hear very often, but that doesn’t mean that it is a service you don’t need. In fact there is a large number businesses that could benefit from key man insurance, if they only knew that it was something that they…
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The benefits of company medical insurance

The Benefits of Company Medical Insurance As someone that employees other people you probably want to make sure that you offer them as many benefits as you can. The problem with this is that as much as you might want to offer benefits, this all costs money and this can sometimes mean that it is…
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Why you need critical illness cover

When it comes to insurance ourselves illness most of us think of the extremes and take out life insurance. Whilst life insurance can be a great way of giving us a little reassurance that our families will taken care of should the worst happen, that doesn’t take care of the here and now. Critical illness…
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What help can bike insurance be

What Help Can Bike Insurance Be? Whether you have a motorbike or a pushbike, the chances are that you don’t want to have to pay to replace it. Whatever type of bike you have, if it stops working then you can be left really stuck. That said, sometimes repairs can work out expensive so it…
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Health insurance

A Look At Health Insurance No one wants to think about becoming ill, but it is something that can be nice to prepared for. Of course we have good access to health care in the UK but can you honestly say that is always going to be enough? When you hear horror stories of NHS…
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The importance of home insurance

The Importance of Home Insurance For most of us, our home is by far one of the most expensive items that we own. Not only do we spend lots of money on the physical building but we then spend even more money making it look nice and filling it with items, gadgets and memories. As…
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The importance of Shopping around for car insurance

The Importance of Shopping Around For Car Insurance The chances are that you already know that you have to have car insurance, but that doesn’t make shopping for it any easier. When you look for car insurance you’ll find that there are many different policy types and companies that you can sign up for which…
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