The Ffrees Family Account

The Ffrees Family Account is the current account reinvented: Ffrees gives account holders Ffrees Rewards Points as they spend. Ffrees Rewards Points are a free feature that enables account holders to save over £500 each year. The rewards system is simple, 1 Ffrees Savings Point equals £1.

The Ffrees Family Account offers a free Visa Debit Card and is fully electronic. Account holders are able to have their wages, pension or benefits paid in, as well as, set-up direct debits, make money transfers, withdraw cash, and make purchases on their Visa Debit card.

The features of the Ffrees Family Account are:-

•    Free Visa Debit Card
•    Quick and easy to open an account
•    Instant acceptance with no credit checks
•    Free to open and no monthly fees*
•    No overdraft , not allowing you to get unauthorised overdraft fees
•    A easy to understand rewards system, 1 Ffrees Savings Point = £1
•    1000s of well known UK brands to earn Ffrees Savings Points with
•    Includes money management tools
•    Offers a 2% Savings Bonus**
•    Fully accessible online
•    Choice of SMS balance alerts
•    Helpful UK based service

* Providing you add £100 a month to your Ffrees Family Account, otherwise £2 per month
** T&Cs apply: 2% is payable every year when 100 Ffrees Points have been reached

Save £500 a year with Ffrees Savings Rewards

Ffrees Savings Points are fantastic rewards that are simple to understand what you are earning.

1 Ffrees Point equals £1.

Each time an Account Holder spends with a Ffrees Retailer they will earn Ffrees Points. Instead of offering insignificant rewards, of 0.1% like other point systems, Ffrees points are worth 6%*of what you spend. Ffrees Account Holders save over £500 a year through Ffrees Rewards Points.

Ffrees retailers are the well-known and loved UK brands, meaning Ffrees Savings Points can be earned on utilities, groceries, insurance and phone contracts with retailers you already spend with. 

Start making your current account pay you, and apply for your Ffrees Family Account.

* 6% is the average rewards value across Ffrees Retailers