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You could save by comparing kit car insurance quotes!


Kit car insurance is a specialist cover for owners of self build kit or component cars.


Kit car insurance comparison


We know it likely took you quite some time and skill to build your kit car and how treasured it is to you. Kit cars are owned by drivers who care about their bespoke car and as such getting the right cover is imperative and although insurance can never replace your time and effort, it can at least cover your investment.

How to get the cheapest kit car Insurance?


Finding the right policy can be a daunting task as a personally made car has no set specification so using a specialist is advisable. With so many options on the market it’s important to get the right one.


Whether you have built yourself a Caterham, Robin Hood, Westfield, Locost, Chesil or Pilgram to name but a few we can we help.


If you’re wondering how much we charge, you don’t have to. We don’t charge you a penny. Based on your requirements you will contacted with quotations from an FCA approved industry specialist who will make sure you get the right policy at the best price.
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