From time to time, on selected products or campaigns Right Plan Financial Services Ltd staff offer vouchers or other incentives. Our staff have agreed to offer vouchers based on the following terms and conditions.

Incentives vary between the product or products you choose and are non-negotiable. Any vouchers or gifts you may be eligible for will only be sent in the 3rd month providing all premiums are up to date, the policy has not been amended and you have positively responded to the terms and conditions email which will be sent prior to us issuing your gift.

The value of the vouchers or gift that you qualify for will directly relate to the value of your monthly premium, the term length of your policy and the terms of the plan.

For all Life Insurance products with a 12+ year policy term:

  •  £10-£49.99 monthly premium will qualify for £25 worth of vouchers.
  •  £50-£99.99 monthly premium will qualify for £60 worth of vouchers.
  •  £100.00-£149.99 monthly premium will qualify for £100 worth of vouchers or a Kindle Fire HD 8GB Wifi.

A £150+ monthly premium will qualify for either £200 worth of vouchers or an Apple Ipad Mini 16 bit Wifi.

Vouchers are typically issued for Sainsbury, Tesco, Marks & Spencer & John Lewis but other options are available. Please ask your advisor for details. All gifts are issued on the

Premiums below the specified monthly amounts or for a policy below the minimum 12 year terms will not automatically qualify for the incentives and will solely be at the discretion of the adviser.

Recommendations for life insurance will always be based on your actual need for the amount of life insurance following the completion of a full fact find.
Applicable to all incentives:

The value of the vouchers you can receive will be confirmed on by your adviser upon application and will be delivered by your adviser as soon as they have proof of your identity and confirmation that the policy has been active for 3 months.

The adviser funds the vouchers from commissions received from the insurer. These are subject to maintaining premiums for 4 years. This does not affect your statutory rights to cancel the policy.

Vouchers are supplied directly by your adviser and not As such they are also subject to your adviser’s terms and conditions of business and individual advisers may apply additional terms and conditions to the offer. A full copy of terms and conditions are available upon your request. You are under no obligation to take the vouchers or gift.